URBAN DIARY – Vienna Extended – Charim Events 28.04. – 23.05.15

exhibition view
exhibition view
Anna Ceeh: РУСЬclubRUS



URBAN DIARY – Vienna Extended

– Charim Events, Charim Galerie, Vienna



Günter Brus | Anna Ceeh | Tracey Emin | FXXXi̶s̶m̶TOSHAIN / CEEH | Heinz Frank | Moussa Kone | Markus Krottendorfer | Roberta Lima | Otto Muehl |  Elisabeth Penker | Tamuna Sirbiladze | Iv Toshain


Eröffnung / Opening:
Dienstag / Tuesday: 28.04.2015, 19 Uhr / 7 p.m.
Dauer / Duration: 29.04. – 23.05.2015
Charim Events, Schleifmühlgasse 1a, A-1040 Wien



“FUCKi̶s̶m̶ Toshain / Ceeh counteract the branding concept of the Kunsthalle, as their emblem logo bears all areas of the Viennese art world, with a counter- branding: Nicolaus Schafhausen (curator and director of Kunsthalle Vienna) is stamped, or at least his portrait poster, which now bear the stamp of FXXXi̶s̶m̶ in an edition of 750 pieces. This gesture is only a part of the FUCKi̶s̶m̶ performative installation, questioning curatorial self-representation and power,
It refers to a change in the art field, which in the last 15 years has led to a production division of the curatorial, with their own training courses, institutionalized form, media and discussion forums.

The complex relationship between artistic and curatorial autonomy, questions of power and access to resources, as the practices of marketing and branding, which now both sides – artists and curators concern, must be renegotiated.” Kurt Kladler

Source: FXXX